World Cup 2014 in Maldives



4th Carrom World Cup


Maldives 13th to 17th September 2014


All Carrom Federations are requested to make the  4th Carrom World

taking place from 13th September to 17th September 2014 in a beutiful island of Maldives.

As informed by the host federation, the dates are confirmed, but the decision on venue or resort for the world cup will be taken soon and informed to all federations.

The host federation will arrange for transport from the Ibrahim Naseer international Airport to the venue.

The entry fees will be almost the same as in previous ICF events, which was 160 US Dollars per player.

Prospectus will be issued by the ICF as soon as the host federation has informed about the venue of the World Cup.

Each country is liable to enter four men and four women players

plus one official. The details will be mentioned in the prospectus.


The International Carrom Federation appeals to all federations to give maximum cooperation to the Carrom Association of Maldives by taking part with full strength in the 4th World Cup and giving it maximum possible publicity in their national media.

This World Cup is going to be a historic event which will inspire Carrom players all over the world and  promote this game further.

Please inform about your participation to the host federation the Carrom Association of Maldives, with a copy to the Secretary General of the ICF. Mr. S.K. Sharma .

Looking forward to see all of you in Maldives.

Arif Naqvi


International Carrom Federation


Carrom World Cup 2014
Maldives 13 - 17. 09. 14

Countries confirmed their participation

1, Canada
2. France
3. Germany
4. India
5. Italy (indicated participation)
6. Japan
7. Korea (South)
8. Malaysia 8. Maldives
9. Pakistan
10. Poland    (at least one player)    
11. Sri Lanka
12. Switzerland
13. United Kingdom
14. United States of America


Arrival of participants: 12.09.14

Departure of participants: 18.09.14


An island of Maldives

Tournament entry fee: 160,- U.S.Dollars per player

Hospitaity by Carrom Association of Maldives:

Food, lodging, local transport (Male to island)



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