Eurocup 2006    Final  




the disabled persons can enjoy the game of Carrom. A carrom player taking part in the Open German Championship (for Singles) on 29th October 2006 at Darmstadt, Germany. He is siting on a wheelchair and is unable to use both hands. Photo by A.N.

Famous Indian coach Arun Deshpande during his promotional visit to Europe.

Exhibiting Carrom tricks to members of the Carrom Sports Association Berlin.

11th June 2006.                                                                    Photo: A.N.

Carrom demonstration in the embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin. Photo: A.N.


   Carrom training in Berlin


Women's Doubles: France vs Sri Lanka

Men's Doubles: Italy vs USA

Italy France

SK, Zulfee, Elisa, Arif and Billy

Amitha of Italy against Dirk of Germany

Women's Doubles

Peter of Germany against Gianluca of Italy

Women's Singles : Italy vs Sri Lanka

Pakistan, Italy, Sri Lanka

Tobias vs Rodolfo

The Krishan Sharma Memorial Tournament

Tournament Organizers

Men's Singles

Assumption of Canada plays Elisa of Italy

KS Open

Lady players in the "Carrom Art" stand

Quarter Finals in the Auditorium

Quarter Finals in the Auditorium

The world champions Ilavazhaki and Jogesh Pardeshi of India

Prize Giving Ceremony

Women's Doubles: 3rd place Sri Lanka

Women's Doubles: 2nd place Ila & Revathy of India

Women's Doubles winners Rashmi and Nirmala

Women's Team 3rd place France!

World Champion Ilavazhaki

3rd place men's team:UK

Winners of the Team Event for the first time - Sri Lanka!

World Champion Yogesh Pardeshi of India

Elisa with Hideki and Toru of Japan at the party

Stefano and Asami

Gianluca, Karnal, Elisa, Stefano, Fernando, Rodolfo and Ali

Nirmala and Elisa

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