Past events

Past Events:

ICF Silverjubilee in India 2013

Asian Championship 2013, Kolkatta, India

17th Euro Cup 2013, Warsaw, Poland

6th World Championsip 2012, Colombo, Sri lanka

16th Euro Cup 2012. Darmstadt. Germany

ICF Cup 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Test Matches of visiting team of  India with Germany,Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland

15th Euro Cup 2011, Villepinte (Paris), France

3rd. World Cup 2010, Richmond, U.S.A.

14th Euro Cup 2010, Rome, Italy

13th Euro Cup 2009, Lenk, Switzerland

5th ICF Cup 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka

1st. Asian Championship 2007, Male, Maldive

11th Euro Cup 2007

World Championship 2007

Euro cup 2007,

2nd. World Cup 2006, New Delhi, India

Euro Cup 2006,  St.Rome de Dolan, France

1st Asian Championship 2005, Male, Maldives

9th SAARC Countries Championship 2005, Male, Maldives

9th Euro Cup 2005, Messacorona, Italy

Indo-German Carrom Test Series 2005

4th World Championship 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka

8th Euro Cup 2004, London, U.K. ?

3rd World Championship, 2000, New Delhi, India



21st to23rd October 2013 in  Gurgaon/Delhi, India

Campion of Champions - International  Tournament

Musical Programme

Award Ceremony

Participants  are being selected  by all Carrom  Federations




6th World Carrom Championship

31st October to 4th November 2012


Sri Lanka



The results of the 6th World Carrom Championship hosted by the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka under the auspices of the International Carrom Federation from 31st October to 4th November 2012 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo, Sri Lanka, are as under:

Men Singles:


1. Nishanta Fernando ( Sri Lanka )

2. C. Bharathidasan ( India )

3. Yogesh Pardeshi ( India )

4. K. Srinivas ( India )

5. Prakash Gaikwad ( India )

6. Chamil Cooray ( Sri Lanka )

7. Hafizur Rahman ( Bangladesh )

8. Moniruzzaman ( Bangladesh )


Women Singles:

1. Rashmi Kumari ( India )

2. S. Ilavazhaki ( India )

3. Kavita Somanchi ( India )

4. M. Parimala Devi ( India )

5. Roshita Joseph ( Sri Lanka )

6. Yashika Rahubaddah ( Sri Lanka )

7. Madushika ( Sri Lanka )

8. Chalani Lakmali ( Sri Lanka )


Men Team


1st - India

2nd - Sri lanka
3rd - Bangladesh        


Women Team


1st - India

2nd - Sri Lanka

3rd - Maldives


Men Doubles

1st - Yogesh Pardeshi/ Prakash Gaikwad (India)

2nd - K. Srinivas/C. Bharathidasan (India)

3rd - Nishanta Fernando/Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka)

Women Doubles 


1st - Rashmi Km/S. Ilavazhaki

2nd - Madushika/Yashika Rahubaddah (Sri Lanka)

3rd - Chalani Lakmali/Roshita Joseph (Sri Lanka)


Swiss League


1st - Prakash Gaikwad ( India )

2nd - Nishanta Fernando (SL)

3rd - Yogesh Pardeshi ( India )


Nineteen slams were scored in the World Championship. Nishanta Fernando of Sri Lanka scored seven slams (5 white and 2 black). Bharathidasan of India scored 5 slams while Yogesh Pardeshi and Rashmi Kumari of India scored two slams each. Prakash Gaikwad (India), S. Ilavazhaki (India) and Senaratne (Sri Lanka) scored one slam each. 



6th ICF Cup Carrom Tournament

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
under the authority of ICF
 organised by
Malaysian Carrom Association
India snatched Teams World Championship title from Sri Lanka at the 6th ICF Cup at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
India beat in Men's Teams Event World Champion Sri Lanka by 3:0. Sri Lanka came second and Maldives on 3rd position.
While Pakistan fought hard to come on 4th place by beating Malaysia.
Also the Women's Teams title went to India, which like in men's event defeated all countried by 3:0 each.
During the matches Shariffuddin of Sri Lanka made a Black Slam, while Yogesh Pardeshi of India made a Whilte Slam.  
Earlier in the morning the 6th ICF Cup was inaugurated by Arif Naqvi, President of the International Carrom Federation.
Naqvi thanked on behalf of the ICF and players the Malaysian Carrom Association for hard and dedicated work to make the ICF Cup successful. He stressed on the great social values of the game of Carrom.
Mr. Balbir Singh president Malaysian Carrom Association thanked ICF and the players for their cooperation and informed that the Government of Malaysia has supported the ICF Cup.
A. Naqvi
ICF Media Commission

1st. Asian Carrom Championship, 2005

Male, 18 - 20 th December


Teams Championship

Mens: 1. India                          Women: 1. India

             2. Bangladesh                              2. Sri Lanka

             3. Sri Lanka                                    3. Maldives

             4. Maldives

Men's Singles

1. M. Nataraj (IND)

2. Chamil Cooray (SL)

3. Madhop Singh (IND)

4. D. Nishantha Fernando (SL)

5. K. G. H. Kabir (BD)

6. Hussain Neesham( MDV)

7. Hussain Ali (MDV)

8. Mohammad Ali (BD)

Women's Singles

1. I. ilavazhaki (IND)

2. P. Nirmala (IND)

3. Rashmi Kumari (IND)

4. A. Wickremasinghe (SL)

5. Aminath Nima (MDV)

6. Aishath Shazna (MDV)

7. N. Wickremasinghe (SL)

8. Afeefunnisa (MDV)

Men's Doubles

1. Chamil Cooray / D. Nishantha Fernando (SL)

2. M. Nataraj / Madhop Singh (IND)

3. K.G.H. Kabir / Mehdi Hassan (BD)

4. M. Amir Khan / Ramzan Ali (PK)

Women's Doubles

1. P. Nirmala / I. Ilavazhaki (IND)

2. A. Wickremasinghe / N. Wickremasinghe (SL)

3. Aminath Nima / Aishath Shazna (MDV)

Mixed Doubles

1. Vilas Dalvi / Rashmi Kumari (IND)

2. Hussain Neesham / Afeefunnisa (MDV)

3. Viraj Fernando / Leela de Silva (SL)

9th SAARC Countries Championship, Male

14- 16th December 2005,

Men's Teams Championship      Women's Teams Championship

1. India                                                1. India

2. Sri Lanka                                        2. Maldives

3. Maldives                                          3. Sri Lanka

4. Pakistan

Men's Singles                                    Women's Singles

1. Madhop Singh (IND)                    1. I. Ilavazhaki (IND)

2. M. Nataraj (IND)                              2. Rashmi Kumari (IND)

3. Chamil Cooraz (SL)                      3. P. Nirmala (IND)

4. D. N. Fernando (SL)                      4. A. Wickremasinghe (SL)

5. D. Kubendra Babu (IND)              5. Aminath Nima (MDV)

6. Hussain Neesham (MDV)             6. N. Wickremasinghe (SL)

7. Viraj Fernando (SL)                       7. Leela de Silva (SL)

8. Ahamed Hamid (MDV)                   8. Afeefunnisa (MDV)

Men's Doubles                                    Women's Doubles

1. Nataraj / Kubendra Babu (IND)             1. P. Nirmala / I. Ilavazhaki (IND)

2. Chamil Cooray / D. N. Fernando (SL)    2. Aminath Nima / Aishath Shazna (MDV)

3. Hussain Ali / Hussain Neesham (MDV)   3. A. and N. Wickremasinghe (SL)

4. M. Amir Khan / Ramzan Ali (PK)


Mixed Doubles                                     

1. Madhop Singh / Rashmi Kumari (IND)

2. Viraj FErnando / Leela de Silva (SL) 

3. Ahmed Hamid / Affifunnisa (MDV)


(Press Release)

Carrom Euro Cup 2005

UK Team wins

ECC decides to hold 10th Euro Cup in France, next year


Berlin August 2, 2005,

It has been a most exiting Carrom Euro Cup tournament when in singles event Germany`s Peter Boecker beat easily the Euro Cup defender Karnal Abdin in the 6h round but lost to him cheeply in the final match. Until the final round (11th round) Peter has been leading clearly ,winning against all eleven opponents including the winner of Euro Cup 2004 Karnal Abdin of U.K. in the 6th round (23:14). However title defender Karnal Abdin could overcome his weakness and gave an excellent performance to defeat Peter in the final match of the Eurocup 2005

( Score : Karnal Abdin 25 : Peter Boecker 12).

For the third place Abdul Wahid of U.K. defeated his country man Nazrul Islam.

In doubles the French pair Mauraly Venou and Fabian Pereira could lift the trophy by defeating

ASKM Suja and Abdul Wahid of U.K.

In teams event the UK team could defend successfully the trophy, which it had snatched from Germans in 2004 in Flumserberg, Switzerland.

The UK team with Nazrul Islam, Karnal Abdin, Sunhar Ali and Abdul Malik won against five countries with

38 points while German team with former European Champion Peter Boecker, Dirk Plchow, Ralph Klose and Thomas Scheurl came on 2nd position by winning against four countries with 30 points. Switzerland with one time European champion Carlito Bollin, Marcel Egli, Lorenzo Hurlimann and Stefan Eigenmann came on third place scoring 20 points followed by Italy on 4th place with 20 points and France on 5th and Netherlands on 6th place. The players from Spain participated only in doubles and singles event.

All together 102 players from seven European countries participated in Eurocup 2005.

The 9th Carrom Eurocup was organised in the beautiful surroundings on a mountain in Mezzocorona, Italy

from 29th to 31st. July 2005.

Welcoming the guests and participants, in the opening ceremony on 28th July, Elisa Martinelli, Secretary of Italian Federation and Secretary General of ECC, informed that the Eurocup 2005 is dedicated to ICF president Krishan Sharma, who unfortunately died in April this year. She thanked for the good response to Euro Cup in Mezzocorona. The standard of Carrom in Italy, she said, was growing fast.

Arif Naqvi, President of the European Carrom Confederation, who is also President of the International Carrom Federation, since 1st May this year, opened the Eurocup 2005 by welcoming the participants and claiming that the standard of Carrom has grown fast in Europe. He conveyed the greetings of the ICF also. The Europcup is not only serving for promotion of Carrom but also for friendship and understanding among the players of different countries, he said.

The Swiss Carrom Association and the Italian carrom Federation were felicitated in the meeting on the 20th respectively 10th Anniversaries of their federations.

Vijay Sharma, who is now president of the UK Carrom Federation, thanked all players for their messages of sympathy and condolences on the untimely death his brother Krishan Sharma.

The prize distribution and a Gala dinner ceremony was organised on 31st. Jully at the hill "Monte".

Speaking on the occasion ECC Presidnet Arif Naqvi appreciated the excellent organisation of the Eurocup and the good friendly atmosphere during the matches. While congratulating the winners he announced that the 10th Eurocup will be held in summer 2006 in France. This has been decided by the European Carom Confederation in its meeting on 29th July at Mezzocorona. It will also be the 10th year of the formation of the European Carrom Confederation (ECC).

The ECC will also be sending a team for inter-continental Test Match Series Asia - Europe to Bombay and Goa in November,this year. It was also welcomed that the 2nd World Cup will be organised in India in 2006, which will coinside with the 50th Anniversariy of the foundation of the All India Carrom Federation.

Paulo Martinelli, President of the Italian Carrom Federation thanked the participants and announced that a

Black Slam has been scored by a UK player during the matches.

The game of Carrom

Carrom is a very simple but interesting indoor-sport, originated from pool-billiard some 150 years ago. It can be played by two (singles) and four persons (in doubles). It requires only a wooden board, square and smooth, with 74 sq cm playing surface and about 8cm broad borders, 19 round / flat pieces (9 white 9 black 1 red), one striker to drive the pieces, a lamp not only for light but also for heat on the board, powder to smooth the playing surface and chairs for the players to sit.

It is believed that the game originated in South Asia. In countries like India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. millions of people play Carrom as indoor sport and family game. The International Carom Federation was established in October 1988 at Madras (Chennai), while the European Carrom Confederation was formed in August 1996 at Unterehrendingen, Switzerland. There are about twenty countries of Asia, Europe, America and Australia where the national Carrom federations have been formed. The first ICF Cup was organised in 1989 in Heidelberg, Germany and the first World Championship was held in 1991 in New Delhi.

The game is still dominated by the South Asian particularly Indian players, who have been winning all international competitions, but the standard of the game in Europe is growing very fast. The European players are giving tough fights.

Arif Naqvi

Chairman Media Commisssion of ICF




10 Memorable Days

Indo-German carrom Test Series 2005

Berlin - Dortmund

Organised by German Carrom Federation through

Carrom Sportsverein Berlin e.V. and Remote Controlled Striker Dortmund e.V.


India (All India Carrom Federation)

Players: M. Nataraj (World Cup Winner 2001)

R.M.Shankara (World Champion 2000 and 2004)

Dilesh Khedekar

Prakash Gaikwad

Manager: Mrs. Kamna Yadav

S.K.SharmaGermany (German Carrom Federation): Players: Peter Boecker (Five Time National Champion)

Dirk Polchow

Stefan Besser

Sebastian Holtmann

Robert Hauke

First Match:

17. 06. 05, 17.00 Hours at Indian Embassy Berlin

Result: 3 : 0 in favour of India

R.M. Shankara defeated Peter Boecker 25 : 14 and 25 : 02

Dilesh Khedekar defeated Dirk Polchow 25 : 0 and 25 : 12

M. Nataraj defeated Sebastian Holtmann 25 : 06 and 25 : 05

Second Match:

22. 06. 05, 17.00 Hours at Casino, Hohensyburg, Dortmund

Result: 3 : 0 in favour of India

Prakash Gaikwad defeated Peter Boecker 25 :3 and 25 : 06

M. Nataraj defeated Dirk Polchow 25 : 0 and 25 : 05

R.M.Shankara defeated Stefan Besser 25 : 0 and 25 : 01

Third Match:

23. 06. 05, 17.00 Hours at Auslandsgesellschaft NRW, Dortmund

Result: 3 : 0 in favour of India

R.M.Shankara defeated Peter Boecker 25 : 0 and 25 : 07

M. Nataraj defeated Robert Hauke 25 : 0 and 25 : 0

Prakash Gaikwad defeated Dirk Polchow 25 : 0 and 25 : 0

Chief referee:

The occasion was also utilized for friendly matches between Holland and India and between France and India.

Results: India defeated Holland 3 : 0

M. Nataraj defeated Pim Scheer 25 : 0 and 25 : 0

R.M. Shankara defeated Jelle Arts 25 : 0 and 25 : 06

Prakash Gaikwad defeated Laura 25 : 0 and 25 : 0

India defeated France 2 : 0

R.M. Shankara defeated P. Dubois 25 : 01 and 25 : 0

M. Nataraj defeated Steve 25 : 0 and 25 : 8



The Indian team led by Mr. S.K.Sharma, General Secretary of the All India carrom Federation and Secretary General of the ICF and Mrs. Kamna Yadav (Manager) arrived Berlin by train from Frankfurt on 16th June.

The team was brought to hotel "Generator" for overnight stay. Next day the Indian team shifted to the Guest House of the Indian Embassy in Berlin.

Prior to the Test match on 17th June the Indian and German players and officials of the federations were invited by the Indian Ambassador Mr. TCA Rangachari for talks at his office in the embassy. The players of the two countries also joined a lunch hosted by the Ambassador in honour of the two teams and representatives of the big industries of the two countries.

The test match was inaugurated Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey, First Secretary , incharge of the Cultural wing of the embassy. Another First Secretary, Concul, Mr.R.K.Puri and other officials of the Embassy were also present. Speaking on behalf of the German Carrom Federation and Carrom Sportsverein Berlin Arif Naqvi welcomed the guests and stressed that the Test Series is being conducted to promote good relations between the players of the two countrie and to strengthen friendly relations between India and Germany. He thanked Indian Embassy for the support. Mr. S.K. Sharma General Secretary of the All India Carrom Federation and the Secretary General of the ICF praised the progress of Carrom in Germany and offered every possible cooperation from AICF. Speaking on behalf of the Indian Embassy First Secretary Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey, said that he was highly impressed from the development of Carrom in Germany and the role it was playing to bring the people of the two countries closer.

After the Prize Distribution and exchages of the mementos a Cocktail was served by the Embassy in honour of the two teams. It was also joined by the Deputy Chief of the Embassy Mr. Amit Dasgupta. The trophy for the Test Match was donated by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

On 18th June the teams of the two countries played friendly Carrom at one of the biggest shopping store of Berlin "Lafayette" in the city centre. Later the Indian team was received at the summer festival of the Indian Womens Association Berlin. Apart from the sight seeing and boat journey on 19th June the Indian players enjoyed playing against the members of the Carrom Association berlin. On 20th June the six member Indian team had a six hour car journey to Dortmund. Arif Naqvi, Dirk Polchow and Peter Boecker accompanied them.


In Dortmund the Indian team was given a cordial welcome at "Carrom Camp" Burg Husen, where they were brought to a big house in the beautiful surroundings.

On 21st June the Indian players M. Nataraj, RM Shankara, P.Gaikwad and D. Khedekar were taken for sight seeing and a visit to Open air museum at Hagen and later to the training centre of the RCD, while SK Sharma, Mrs. Kamna Yadav and Arif Naqvi were received at the Deutsche Welle, Bonn for interviews.

A most bussiest day was 22nd. June. Right in the morning at 10 A.M. a friendly Test Match between India and Holland took place at the guest house in Burghausen followed by a luch at Thai restaurant and a training match between the players from Darmstadt and India.

The higfhlight of the day was the 2nd Match of the Indo-German Test Series 2005 at the Casino Hohensyburg. It was relayed life on TV. Welcomming the guests Michael Luening President of the RCD and Joerg Kijanski President of the German Carrom Federation appreciated the close ties between the two federations and hoped that the cooperation will be strengthened in future. Arif Naqvi President of the ICF and ECC conveyed the greetings of the international bodies. S.K.Sharma, General Secretary of the AICF and Secy.General of the ICF thanked RCD and GCF for excellent hospitality and praised the progress of Carrom in Germany. He extended invitation to G.C.F. for next Test Match Series in India in 2006 and to provide free coaching facilities in India and Germany.

The third and final test match of the series was held on 23rd. June at the building of the "Auslandsgesellschaft NRW" in the city centre of Dortmund. Prior to that a friendly match between Indian team and the team of Bergisch Gladbach took place at the guest house. It was a great opportunity for the players of Bergisch Gladbach to practice with the top players of the world.

The closing match which was almost one sided, was also conducted in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Michel Luening and Arif Naqvi welcomed the Indian team on behalf of the RCD and GCF and assured further coperation. While the authorities of the Auslandsgesellschaft appreciated the role of Carrom as a promoting instrument for friendship between nations. Mr. S.K.Sharma thanked for excellent hospitality in Germany and once again assured full cooperation for the promotion of Carrom in Germany and Europe. Extending the invitation for next Indo-German Test Series in India and coaching facilities in India, he said AISF will provide free lodging and food. The mementos were exchanged between the two teams on the occasion.

The next two days were utilized by the Indian team for friendly games with the local players and sightseeing.

On 26th June the six member Indian team was taken in cars by Peter, Ulrich and Arif to Frankfurt for departure to India. From Frankfurt I had a six hour drive to Berlin.

The Indo-German carrom Test Series 2005 was no dout very successful. But the pains the local associations the RCD and CSV have taken to organise these events are commendable and deserve support from all sides.

Very few people know that the visit of the Indian team had become doubtful. The visa applications of most of the players including the two managers of the team were rejected by the German consulates and embassy in India. It was only after the intervention from the Indian Embassy in Berlin that the members of the team got visas. Still India No.2 M.Singh from Manipur could not get visa nad had to be substituted by R.M.Shankara. Certain important functions planned for Indian team in Berlin had to be cancelled due to uncertainty. It was only after hearing the voice of Mr. S.K.Sharma from Frankfurt on 16th June (the team was suppoed to come on 15th June) I had a breat in peace. But perhaps this added to my happiness and enthusiasm.

Inspite of such unpleasant circumstances, the Indian team enjoyed its stay fully and has left very good memories behind. The players and the managers were extremely disciplined, modest and friendly and cooperative. Even in their games with junior players they never posed their superiority. At the same time they have taken very good impressions with them, which reflect in the mail of

Mr. S.K.Sharma, which he wrote to me immediately after reaching Delhi, mentioning his satisfaction and conveying thanks for "wonderful hospitality."

I am sure that in comming years more and more countries, particularly in Europe, will conduct such Test Match Series. Which will help in bringing their players and people closer and also raise the standard of Carrom in Europe.

by Arif Naqvi

ICF Media Commission



4th World Championship, 2004, Colombo

(See under 4th World Championship)


8th Euro Cup, 2004.


8th Euro Cup , under the auspices of the European Carrom Confederation was held from 25th to 27th June 2004 ib the beautiful mountain surroundings of the Flumserberg, Switzerland.

110 Carrom players from 8 European countries took part in the Singles Events only.

Winner of the Singles Events is Karnal Abedin (UK), who defeated in final former Champion Carlito Bollin of Switzerland, in a one sided match, with score 25:0 and 25:01.

Third place went to Mohammad Sunar Ali and the fourth place to Peter Boecker of Germany.

In Doubles the Title was won by Heiko Wurst abd Joerg Kijanski of Germany, who defeated A. hafiz & A. Mumith UK by 25:08 in final.

Third place went to Abdus khan & M.A.Wahid of UK.


The Teams Championship has been won by the UK Team, which was unbeaten by any team. Germany with one defeat only became the Runnerup and italy came on 3rd place follwed by France,Netherlands and Belgium. Spanish players took part in doubles and singles only.


An International Umpires Examination was also conducted on this occasion. Mr. Abdus Khan of UK qualified as Umpire, on probation for 12 months to assist in umpiring in international competitions .

Mr. Gomes Harvey of UK and Claudio Motto qualified on probation of 12 months to umpire in Europe.  


ECC Meeting


The Annual Meeting of the European Carrom Confederation

held on the eve of the 8th Cup, allotted the 9th Euro Cup to

Italy. It will be organised in 2005.

3rd World Carrom Championship - 2000

 New Delhi, 6th to 10th November


Men�s Singles:                       Nation                  Rank

R.M.Shankara                                   India                            1

Yogesh Pardesi                                India                            2

M. Natraj                                            India                             3

A. Maria Irudayam                            India                             4

K. Radhakrishnan                             India                             5

W.W.D.N. Fernando                        Sri Lanka                     6

A.F.M. Ehteshamul Haque              Bangladesh                 7

M.N.M. Sadruddin                           Sri Lanka                       8

Humayun Kabir                                Bangladesh                   9

Hafizur Rahman                               Bangladesh                 10

Hussain Neesham                           Maldives                       11

Mohamed Fareem                          Maldives                        12

Mohamed Nizam                            Maldives                         13

Ajit Chandrasoma                          Sri Lanka                        14

Ahmed Ikleel                                   Maldives                         15

Dirk Polchow                                  Germany                          16


Women�s Singles:

Rashmi Kumari                              India                                     1

P. Nirmala                                      India                                      2

R. Sharmila                                    India                                      3

G. Revathy                                     India                                       4

A. Ponarasi                                   India                                        5

Nadishani Attapattu                     Sri Lanka                                 6

Pradeepa Perera                         Sri Lanka                                 7

Aishath Shazna                             Maldives                                  8


Men�s Doubles:

R. M.Shankara &

Yogesh Pardesi                          India                                            1

M. Nataraj &

K. Radhakrishnan                       India                                             2

W.W.D.N. Fernando &

Sadruddin                                   Sri Lanka                              3     

A.T. Mohd. Hasan &

Hafizur Rahman                          Bangladesh                            4


Women�s Doubles:  

R. Sharmila &

A. Ponnarasi                               India                                          1

P. Nirmala &

Rashmi Kumari                           India                                          2

Pradeepa Perera  &                      

Nadishani Attapattu                   Sri Lanka                                    3

Sashika Kodithuvakku &

R.T.R.P. Perera                          Sri Lanka                                    4      


Team Event:

Men�s Team:                                                       Women �Team

India                                                                      India

Sri Lanka                                                             Maldives

Bangladesh                                                         Sri Lankia



Dear Sir


It is for your kind information that the Pakistan Open Carrom Championships concluded on 5th July 2004 at Karachi. Mr. Adil Ibrahim, Chairman, SAARC Social Organization was the Chief Gust on the Opening Ceremony on 2nd July, while Grand Master M. A. Tai, (President�s Medallist for Pride of Performance 2004) renowned Martial Artist was the Chief Guest on the Closing Ceremony. The results of Men�s Singles is as under:


  1. Mr. Muhammad Amir                              First Position
  2. Mr. Abdul Muttalib                                  Second    
  3. Mr. Fareed Jabbar                                   Third        
  4. Mr. Muhammad Murad                            Fourth      
  5. Mr. Muhammad Ramzan                          Fifth         
  6. Mr. Muhammad Rasheed                         Sixth         


Mr. Moinuddin Ahmad and Syed Sakhawat Ali performed the duties of Chief Referees. The Press conference and championships got wide coverage on print and electronic media.

Due to shortage of time Men�s doubles event could not held. While the Women�s Singles event would also be rescheduled to be held on Sunday, 11th July 2004 at 11:00 a.m. at Karachi Water Board�s Club Karachi.

The final trials of Pakistan team for 8th SAARC championships will be held on Sunday, 11th July 2004 at 5:00 p.m. at Karachi Water Board�s Club Karachi.

The Pakistan team will be comprising of Three (03) Men players and Three (03) officials and Three (03) Women players. Our Three officials would also like to attend the International Umpires Workshop at Delhi to promote International laws of Carrom in Pakistan.


With profound regards.


Syed Sakhawat Ali







Annual General Body Meeting

(Extract from the letter of the PCF)



The details of selected players and officials could be finalized on the conclusion of Pakistan Open Carrom championships on 5th July. The same may be communicated to you on the same day or next, most probably. The two days Pakistan open championships will now be held for three days instead of two days, from July 2 to 4, 2004 due to shortage of playing time and tentative more entries.


With profound regards.



Syed Sakhawat Ali


Pakistan Carrom Federation.

Fax # (092-221) 78-4978




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