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Latest developments in India

Dear Mr. Arif,
I apologise for not being able to talk to you on telephone since I was very much involved in AICF elections.
The All India Carrom Federation elected a new team of office-bearers for a term of four years in its Annual General Meeting held on 22nd July 2012 at Hotel Optus Sarovar Premiere, Gurgaon (Haryana). Two officials each from all 30 State Associations of AICF participated in the AGM and the elections. Besides the AGM was also attended by representatives of Institutions affiliated to AICF and Life Members.
The elections were held as per National Sports Development Code 2011 of the Government of India and the rules of the Federation. According to the NSDC rules, I was not eligible for re-election for the posts of General Secretary and Treasurer (cooling off period of 4 years is must before re-election to the posts of GS and Treasurer after remaining in office for 8 years). The elections were conducted by the Returning Officer, Mr. O.P. Verma, Addl District and Session Judge (Retd) under the supervision of Government of India Observer, Mr. Joe Sebastian, Executive Director, Sports Authority of India. Complete election process was followed.
The State Associations have elected me and my complete team with more than two third majority.  I have been elected as Executive President of AICF in the new team.
The Federation has elected Mr. Rakibul Hussain, Minister for Panchayant & Rural Development and Environment & Forests, Government of Assam. He is also the Secretary General of the Assam Olympic Committee and President of the Assam Carrom Association. Earlier, he was Chief Adviser of the Federation. It is for the first time in the history of Indian carrom that a carrom player has taken over the reigns of the All India Carrom Federation as its President. He participated in carrom national championships at sub-junior, junior and senior categories. He is a great sportsperson and carrom lover. He has several new plans to take this game to newer heights.
Results of the elections are attached.
The email IDs of important newly elected office-bearers are given below:
Mr. Rakibul Hussain, President - hussainrakibul@gmail.com
Mr. S.K. Sharma, Executive President - aicfsks@gmail.com
Mr. P.S. Bachher, General Secretary - prabhjeetbachher@gmail.com
Mr. P. Raveendran, Treasurer - raveendranp.carrom@gmail.com
Mr. S. Udaya Kumar, Director (Technical) - udayakumarpec@yahoo.com
From the AICF point of view, I will continue to work as Secretary General, ICF with the support of newly elected team.
I am also attaching a copy of my Annual Report on AICF activities which carries lot of interesting and new things, for your information at the ICF level.
With best wishes
sk sharma
General Secretary
All India Carrom Federation

Dear friends,

Which is the most active Carrom federation in the world. This changes time to time. We can judge only from your reports. So please take the example of the US Carrom federation and inform us about your activities. 

Please see below.


Reporting Federation or Entity Person Reporting & contact information Date(s) of the Event Type of Event Brief description of the Event Brief description of the News Item News Article (embed or link to document) Comments or Additional Information                                                          
United States Carrom Association (USCA) Shreenivas Mallisetti; Email: shreenivas9@yahoo.com September 19-21, 2008 National Championship US National Championship for Singles and Doubles. Venue: Easton Quality Inn, Easton, PA. Announcing the US National Carrom Championship. Defending Champion: Singles - Saravanan Chandrababu; Doubles - Sekhar Challa & Vishal Karangutkar. Singles Champion will be awarded $500 cash and DD Mehta Rolling Trophy. Please see www.uscarrom.org for more details.                                                            
USCA & Dallas Cowboys Carrom Club Shreenivas Mallisetti; Email: shreenivas9@yahoo.com June-August, 2008 Coaching Event Summer Coaching offered at Frisco Athletic Center in Frisco, TX. Shreenivas Mallisetti and Shibu Jose offered coaching at Frisco Athletic Center in Frisco, TX during June, July and August. Three students enrolled and completed the training at Beginner level. The students ages: 7, 10, and 14. Please see the description in the attached document.                                                            
United States Carrom Association (USCA) Shreenivas Mallisetti; Email: shreenivas9@yahoo.com Mid-September, 2008 General Revised layout for USCA web site www.uscarrom.org . We are in the process of revising the layout of our USCA web site www.uscarrom.org . It will contain more information in a more user friendly manner. We are currently beta testing the site. It will be launched in mid-September of 2008. Please visit www.uscarrom.org in mid-September to see the new look and extra information.                                                            



US Carrom Association

Mail from the President of UPCA

I wanted very much to be at Cannes and meet all of you people but unfortunately personal matter took me to India for 3 weeks during that time. I just got back and trying to get back into swing of things. I saw your email to Shreenivas. USCA is very much interested in working with ICF in the quest of promoting Carrom World wide. We definitely want to be part of the BOM. We do have some ideas and thoughts that we would like to share and discuss.


We are in the process of finalizing our executive committee. The committee would consist of an Executive Board and 6 Directors. The Executive Board consists of the President (M. Subbiah), the Vice-President ( Hari Venkatesan ) and General Secretary/Treasurer (Ravi Ravichandran). The 6 Directors are Director of Membership, Director of Regional Affairs, Director of Tournament Operations, Director of Technical Rules and Regulations, Director of Marketing, Promotion, and Public Relations, and Director of Communications. The idea is to collaborate at the local level and National level with uniform policy and promote the game of Carrom. I have a vision as a President; working with the executive committee we would solidify a collective vision for USCA, both long term and short term. We would come up with a mission to carry out that vision again both long term and short term. I am happy to inform that Atul Bhave , Balaji Pathasarathy, Jayadev Suryadevara, Neil Khatu , Nilesh Mehata, and Vikas Hawaldar have agreed to serve in the committee as Directors for 2008-2009. I will let you know the distribution of the portfolio soon.


We are planning to have our first meeting in the first week of March. The top item in the Agenda is to discuss and decide the Tournaments for 2008 and 2009. Apart from that we have lots of plans and ideas


  • Davis Cup Style Regional Test Matches.
  • We have ideas of placing Carrom Boards in University Commons , High Schools, Sports Bars, Churches, and Corporations. We would do a boiler plate work shop for them to get them started.
  • Conduct a work-shop and Tournament for Telugu Association of North America Conference 2009 and other Associations.
  • Have plans on “Draft a Neighbor Champaign”, where at least eight of us get 2-4 interested neighbors (new to the game), train and coach them through out the year and have a grand finale tournament for them with prize money. This will be done at the Local level and the top 2 would go to the National Level.
  • Conduct World Cup in 2010
  • Have representation in International Tournaments
  • Collaborate with other organization World wide in promoting the game of Carrom

We need to plan and decide what we want to do and when. I hope this gives you an idea of our plans. We will pass on specifics as it develops. We would also like to hear ICF’s plan for the near future and beyond. Hope to hear from you soon,

M. Subbiah



Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka - elections
The AGM was held on 27th March 2007 and the following are the office bearers:
President                    Mr.J.S.R.Rodrigo
Vice Presidents:          Mr. Mervyn Jayasinghe, Mr. Langley Mathiasz, Mr. K. Jayasinghe, Mr. R. Athauda
                                  and Mr. Sherman de Silva
General Secretary:       Mrs. Rohini Mathiasz
Treasurer                    Mr. D.P. Hettiarachchi
Tournament Secy:       Mr. H.J. Suraweera
Asst. Secy:                Mr.D.L.N. Jayathilleke
Asst. Treasurer            Mrs. Kamala Abeyweera
plus 10 committee members from 10 clubs.

The ICF extends heartfelt Congratulations to newly elected office bearers of the CFL and wish them much sucess.

President ICF

Carrom Federation of Pakistan

a) Sindh Open Carrom Championship at Karachi in last week of February.

b) National Referee/Umpires Course in June at Karachi.

c) Visit of ICF/AICF delegates to Pakistan in June.

d) Annual National Carrom Championship in September at Karachi. 

Italian Carrom Federation - Activities

Report by Elisa Martinelli

The Italian carrom championship begins each year in September and ends in June. In 2005/2006 11 tournaments were held in Rome - 7 official rounds of regional championship, two open doubles events and two Final events valid for the title of Italian Champion. In Milan 7 rounds of regional events were held including the International Milan Open with participation of players from all over Italy and this year also from Barcelona. In Rovereto 7 regional tournaments were held. So 25 events were held all together under the auspices of FIC. On the promotional front several activites took place in 2006. Caracol Carrom Club of Rome set up a stand for 20 days during the course of a poular fair in one of the capital's central parks. FIC supplied them with 10 carrom boards which were permanently set up and used every day by the visitors. This was very enthusiastically received and also gave the organizing club new impetus to continue their carrom activities. Carrom Club Milano for the 2nd year set up a carrom stand in the historic centre of Verona during a games festival. This was also a big success. They also hosted the annual Milan Open which gives the opportunity for a lot of public to watch a carrom tournament as it is held during an international games festival. Gianluca Cristiani, Italian champion 2005-2006, continues to organize a term time tournament for the students of Ambrit International School of Rome. He also takes carrom boards on school trips to occupy the students during the evenings. The Sri Lankan Carrom Masters Club of Rome organized their annual Sri Lanka Doubles Cup which always draws very many new players and is an excellent occasion to introduce newly arrived Sri Lankans to the carrom community of Rome, meet new people and exchange experiences. In the Summer FIC was happy to welcome Arun Deshpande and his wife Anjali to Rome where training sessions were held every day and night to perfect the skills of carrom players. Demonstration games were also held. On an international level in 2006 Italian carrom players took part in the carrom weekend in Darmstadt, in the Eurocup in St Rome de Dolan and in the World Cup in New Delhi. For 2006/2007 regional tournaments are taking place and the programme is similar to last season. An additional Open Doubles event is planned for 15th April in Rome which we hope will draw in many begginers who don't yet feel confident to join in the regular singles tournaments. The final event will be held on 2nd and 3rd of June where top 20 Italian players will play a swiss system event followed by top 8 all playing each other while others play a friendly doubles which will also be open to all players from any country.

Elisa www.carromitaly.com


History of carrom in Japan

by Hiro Shibano

Historically speaking, Japanese people are very familiar with board games played by hitting a striker with the finger. In the Syoso-in treasure house, collection of treasures of 8th century Emperor, there is board game called gDangih. Dangi was imported from China and was played by striking black and white coins. It is a variant of other board games popular in Japan called gGoh and gShogih, but with no pockets, and is believed to be the roots of carrom by some historians.


It is claimed that carrom came to Japan from North America during 1910-1930. In 1930fs, small colorful American style carromboards were very common in Japan. After that, carrom popularity came down for a while but in 1960-70fs it once again soared to new heights. Big toy companies also started making carrom boards. How popular carrom became can be guessed by the fact that big department stores in Japan also started to sell the carrom boards. An interesting fact about this board is that, in 1956, it was taken to the Japanese Station in Antarctica (Syowa Station) aboard the Antarctic Research Ship. Till today, after around 50 years, this carrom is still played on the Syowa Station and is referred to as gNankyoku Carromh (Antarctic Carrom).


There is another type of carrom that spread in Shiga prefecture, close to Kyoto. It is not clear where it came from but it is still played in some places around Hikone city and is called gCaromh. Our carrom friend, Mr. David MacCrellish from USA assures us that same type of carrom boards exist in Canada even today.


In 1997, Masaki Sugihara (Editor), Makito Minami (National Museum of Ethnology) and I, Hiro Shibano (National Institute of Polar Research), came together and wrote a book titled gCarom Roadh. This was the first book published in Japan on carrom. Sugihara is well versed with Hikone carom, Minami knows Nepalese carrom well and I am familiar to Nankyoku carrom. Bringing so many different perspectives together, this book was very well received among carrom fans. Minami, who is a researcher by profession, employed the scientific techniques to investigate the roots of carrom from ancient literature about toys and games.


During this research for the roots of carrom, they had a chance meeting with the ICF, result of which was the creation of the Japan Carrom Federation by Sugihara.



Japan Carrom Federation:

The JCF was headquartered at Hikone city till the middle of 2001 after which it shifted to Tokyo. It grew up to have an official website to share new developments and for promotion too. Cooperation with other game and sports organizations in Japan is also increasing gradually. From June 2002 onwards, we have started having a carrom party once a month for members of the JCF and all other carrom lovers to come, play carrom and exchange ideas with each other.


From 2003, Sandeep Jindal, an Indian national living in Japan, has joined us as technical advisor. With his help, we hope to strengthen the JCF as well as to increase our skill level.


In the last, we at the JCF will continue to support the ICF and actively participate in all its endeavors. With cooperation from other carrom federations, we will make every effort for increasing our skills and becoming good players of carrom.


10th May 2003


Hiro Shibano

President, Japan Carrom Federation

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