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Men’s Champion Sri Lanka secures Men’s & Women’s Double in 17th SAARC

Posted on 15 May 2013 by Pak Recorder

17-saarc-5-asian-carrom-championshipsIndia: The 17th SAARC and 5th Asian Carrom Championships were concluded in Kolkata, India. Although India lead the score boards in almost every event Men’s Champion Sri Lanka drilled its way for Men’s & Women’s Doubles Event during 17th SAARC Carrom Champion. Although India managed to stay on top during the Asian Championship Sri Lanka gave them a tough time.

Sri Lanka’s Chamil Cooray and Single’s Champion Nishantha Fernando secured the Men’s Doubles event beating India’s Yogesh Pardesi/K. Srinivas by 10/25, 25/4 and 25/22 , whereas, Chalani Lakmali and Joseph Roshita of Srilanka beat Rashmi Kumari/S. Illavazaki by 25/15 and 25/14.

India secured Mixed Doubles Event, Men’s Team Event and Women’s Team Event by beating Srilanka in all three during the 17th SAARC Championship. India’s K. Srinivas, Yogesh Pardesi and Sandeep Deourkhar beat Srilanka’s Chamil Cooray, Nishantha Fernando and Brindly Wickremasinghe by 2-1 in the Men’s Team Event. Whereas, India’s Rashmi Kumari, S. Illavazhaki and Kavita Somanchi beat Srilanka’s Joseph Roshita, Chalani Lakmali and Yasika Rahubaddha by 3-0 in the Women’s Team Event. During the Mixed Douables India’s Duo Sandeep Deorukhkar/ Kavita Somanchi beat Srilankan Duo Brindly Wickramasinghe/Yasika Rahubaddha by 25/15 and 25/05.

During the 5th Asian Carrom Championship, India, Srilanka and Maldives secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. 17th SAARC and 5th Asian Carrom Championships were hosted by Carrom Association of Bengal and organized by All India Carrom Federation at The Pride hotel in Kolakta. 17th SAARC Carrom Championship was played from 5-8th May whereas, 5th Asian Carom Championship was played from 8-11th May.

Press coverage in Pakistan

Sent by Murtaza K. Zulfee, Gen. Secretary PCF, Vice Pres. ICF & Member ICF Media Commission


16th SAARC Championship 2012


Dacca, Bangladesh


15th SAARC and 4th Asian Championship at Male





Male (Maldives) May 01-04.2011

Women's Doubles:

1st Place           I.Ilavazhaki/Rashmi Kumar                    India

2                      Chalani Lakmali/ Joseph Roshita             Sri Lanka

3.                     Aishth Shazna/ Aishath Fainaz                Maldives


Men's Doubles:

1st Place         Yogesh Pardeshi/Pragash Gaikward           India

2nd                 Chamil Cooray/Nishantha Fernando          Sri Lanka

3rd                  Hassan Nasim/ Ahmed Hamid                  Maldives


Mixed Doubles:

1st Place                       K.Srinivas/Parimala Devi                            India

2nd                              M. Sheriffdeen/M. Kanchanamala                 Sri Lanka

3rd.                              A. Shazna/A.Fainaz                                    Maldives


Women's Singles:

1st. Place                    I. Illavazhaki                                               India

2nd.                           Rashmi Kumari                                            India

3rd.                            Parimala Devi                                              India


Men's Singles:

1st. Place                   Pragash Gaikward                                         India

2nd.                           K. Srinivas                                                   India

3rd.                           Nishantha Fernando                                      Sri Lanka


Team Event    Men:                                                  Team Event    Women:

1st. Place                  India                                            1st. Place            India

2nd.                         Bangladesh                                    2nd.                   Sri Lanka

3rd.                          Sri Lanka                                       3rd.                    Maldives




Male (Maldives) May 28 - 31, 2011

Men's Doubles:

1st. Place:                   Yogesh Pardeshi/ Pragash Gaikward       India

2nd.                           Chalani Cooray/ Nishanta Fernando        Sri Lnaka

3rd.                            Hassan Nasin/ Ahmed Hamid                 Maldives


Women's Doubles:

1st.   Place     I.  Ilavazhaki/Rashmi Kumari                                     India

2nd.                 Chalani Lakmali/ Joseph Roshita                             Sri Lanka

3rd.                 Aishath Shazna/ Aishath Fainaz                              Maldives

 Mixed Doubles:

1st. Place        Srinivas/Parimala Devi                                          India

2nd.                 Shafi Mohamed/Aminath Vidhadh                          Maldives

3rd.                 M.Sheriffdeen/M.Kanchanmala                              Sri Lanka

Women's Singles:

1st. Place         Rashmi Kumari                                                    India

2nd.                  Parimala Devi                                                     India

3rd.                  I. Ilavazhaki                                                       India


Men's Singles:

1st. Place         Yogesh Pardeshi                                                    India

2nd.                 Prakash Gaikwad                                                   India

3rd.                 Nishantha Fernando                                               Sri Lanka


Team Event Men:                                                       Team Event Women:

1st. Place          India                                                     1st. Place          India

2nd.                  Sri Lanka                                               2nd.                 Sri Lanka

3rd.                  Bangladesh                                            3rd.                   Maldives












We thank Mr. Murtaza K. Zulfee Secretary General of Pakistan Carrom Federation for sending us the following item published in the Newspaper Human Rights.













Monthly Human Rights Post Karachi, Pakistan-Monthly Human Rights Post Karachi, Pakistan-Monthly Human Rights Post Karachi, Pakistan-


3rd. Asian Championship 2009

Pune, India



 Men Single                                        


Winner: Hidayat Ansari

Runner: B. Radhakrishnan

3rd. Yogesh Pardeshi

( All Indians)

Women Single

Winner: Rashmi Kumari

Runner: Illavazhaki

3rd.:      M.Parimala devi

(All Indians)

Men Double

Winner: Yogesh Pardeshi & B. Radhakrishnan (Ind)

Runner: Chamil Coorey & Nishanta Fernando (SL)

(Yogesh & Radhakrishnan beat Chamil & Nishanta : 25:14, 25:4) 

Women Double

Winner: Illavazhaki & Rashmi Kumari (Ind)

Runner: Yashika Rahubadde & Nayana Wikrasinghe (SL)

( Illavazhak &  Rashmi  beat Yashika & Nayana  25:9, 25:0 


Mixed Double

Winner: Pramila devi & Hidayat Ansari (Ind)

Runner: Roshita Joseph & Viraj Fernando (SL)

(Pramila & Hidayat beat Roshita & Viraj 25:0, 25:14)


Team Championship



Pramila devi beat Roshita Joseph 25:8, 25:24

Illavazhaki beat Yashika Rahubadde 16:25, 25:0, 25:3

Rashmi Kumari beat Nayana Wikramasinghe 25:6, 25:2



B.Radhakrishnan beat Viraj Fernando 25:9, 25:2

Yogesh Pardeshi beat Chamil Coorey 25:9, 14:25, 25:18

Hidayat Ansari beat D. Nishanta Fernando 25:16, 25:17

7 Wite Slams and 1 Black Slam was scored during the Asian Championship 


12 th SAARC Countries Carrom Championship 2008

11th to 13th October 2008

at Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka


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