We thank Murtaza Zulfee, Vice President ICF and member ICF-Media Commission for the following reports.

* Media coverage in Sri Lanka
* Media coverage in Pakistan
* Media coverage in India

(For details see below)


Dear Mr. Naqvi,

As promised I herewith send  extracts of details that  appeared in the Sunday Observer of March 9th 2008 of Sri Lanka.

Winston Rajudeen


The world carrom championships was held in Mize France recently.  The Sri Lankan team which was represented by Chamil Cooray and Germain Gunawardane of Seyzlan Bank and Nishantha Fernando of F & G Group of Ceylinco Consolidated who won the World Title for carrom brought fame honour and pride not only to Ceylinco Consolidated but also to Sri Lanka.

Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotelawela, Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawela and all of us of Ceylinco Consolidated share the pride and joy of this great victory.

Chairman Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotelawela has presented a house and a car to each of the three World Champions Chamil Cooray, Germain Gunawardene and Nishantha Fernando.  They were also promoted.

1. Chamil Dharshana Cooray, Sub Officer, Seylan Bank (Millenium Towers)
2. Germain Gunawardene, Executive Officer, Seylan Bank  - do -
3. Nishantha Fernando, Asst. Manager, Customer Service, F & G Head Office

Great Achievement for Sri Lankan Sports

The Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka reaches a half century this zear and the best reward that the Sri Lankan carrom players gave was this great achievement being World Champions.  We congratulate them.  Chairman Dr. Lalith Kotelawela did not hesitate to reward all three of them with a house, a brand new car and promotions to each of them.

Let me express my heartfelt thanks to Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotalawela and Lady Dr. Sicille Kotalawela, Deputy Chairperson Ceylinco Consolidated for the support and guidance given to the players.

The Board of Directors and staff of Seylan Bank and F & G Group are appreciated for the encouragement given to carrom at all times.

Yours in Carrom
D. Mervyn Jayasinghe
Deputy Chairman, F & G Group
Former President Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka


(Following is a report published by Mr. Murtaza Khan Zulfee in the news papers of Karachi)

 In the history of the game of Carrom after 19 years first time Sri lanka beat
Indiain Men’s team event of World Carrom Championship 2008, Sri lankan player Chamil Cooray and Nishanta Fernando beat Yogesh Pardesi and R.M Shankara(India) while M.Natraj (India) beat Germain Gonewardena (Sri), but in the best of three games, Sri lanka won the title by 2-1 games while United Kingdom secured the 3rd position.
  On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of French Carrom federation and 20th Anniversary of International Carrom Federation the World Carrom Championship 2008 played last week in Cannes, Francewhere Pakistan, France, India, Srilanka, America, England, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Canada and Japan participated in this championship, where in the Mens Double event R M Shankara and M Natraj (India) beat Chamil Cooray and Nishanta Fernando (Srilanka) and Yogesh Pardesi & R Arokiaraj of India were on the 3rd position
 In the Men’s single event 1st and 2nd & 3rd positions were secured by Yogesh Pardesi, M.Natraj and R. M. Shankara of India.
  In the 5th World Carom Championship Women’s Team event Indian Women’s team beat Srilankan Women’s Team and French Women Team secured the 3rd position respectively. Women’s Double event Final was played between two Indian Teams in which Rashmi Kumari & P. Nirmala beat Illavazhaki & G. R. Ravathy by 3-2 game while Srilanka’s A. Vikramasinghe & Yashika Rahuvaddha stood 3rd.  In the Women’s Single event.1st, 2nd and 3rd position holder were Indian ILU.Reshmi and P.Nirmala.
  During this championship PakistanCarom Players Mohammad Aamir Khan, Nadir Hussain, Murtaza Khan Zulfee and Ramzan Ali won the matches against Japan, South Korea, German, UK, USA and Italy’s carrom players and they have proved that Pakistan Carom Team is eligible to participate in the World Carrom Cup 2010 which will held in Dallas USA.
In the end, the Cannes’ Mayer, the President of International Carom Federation Mr.Arif Naqvi and Secretary General of ICF Mr. S.K Sharma addressed the guests of the closing ceremony and distributed awards among the winning players. On this occasion French Carrom Federation’s President Mr. Frank, General Secretary Mr. Aur´┐Żlien Hanique, Mr. Karim Nessakh, Mr. Denis Brown, Miss Emilie Neuhauser, Katia Merkoulova and others were present.

5thWorld Carrom Championship

Yogesh Pardeshi & Illavazhaki emerge World Champion

A report by M. Saran Joint Secretary AICF

New Delhi : February 20, 2008 – Shri J.P. Agarwal, MP, President, Delhi Congress Committee and Chairman Al India Carrom Federation welcome & extended Lunch to the Indian Carrom Team today at Parliament in the presence of Shri Jabir Hussain M.P. Rajya Sabha from Bihar as Special Guest.

Indian Player Yogesh Pardeshi who became National Champion in recently held Senior National Championship at held at Championship annexed the crown of World Champion in the 5th World Carrom Championship scheduled to be held Palace de Festivals, Cannes, France defeated team mate M. Nataraj in a straight set of games at 25-22 and 25-12. In the 2nd game, Yogesh Pardesi a white slam i.e. break to finish. Earlier, Yogesh Pardeshi was World No. 2. Playing for 3rd place defending Champion R. M. Shankara (India) defeated his teammate R. Arokiaraj at 8- 25, 25-11, 25-6. 5th to 8th place secured by D. Nishant Fernando (Sri Lanka), Sumahar Ali (UK), Shake Challa (USA) and Nazrul Islam (UK) respectively.

Indian reigning National Women Champion, I. Illavazhaki also captured the Women World Champion title defeating her teammate P. Nirmala at 25-11, 25-11, whereas ex-World Champion Rashmi Kumari has to satisfy with 3rd place when she defeated her teammate & Ex-world Champion G. Revathi at 25-17, 25-1in play off match. 5th to 8th position were secured by Amitha Wickramasinghe. 5th to 8th position were secured by Amitha Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) Yashika Rahubuddhe (Sri Lanka), Udeshika Kumari (Sri Lanka) and Elisa Martinelli (Italy) respectively.

Indian Pair bagged the Men’s Doubles Trophy when R.M. Shankara & M. Nataraj defeated Sri Lanka Pair Chamil Cooray & Nishant Fernando at 20-25, 23-18, 25-14. Hennce India lost the Silver Medal in Men Doubles and secured Bronze when Yogesh Pardeshi & R. Arokiaraj defeated another Sri Lanka pair G. Goonewardena & Viraj Fernando at 20-15, 25-13.

In Women Doubles Indian players won Gold & Silver Medal when Rashmi Kumari & P. Nirmala clinched the Women Doubles trophy defeating another Indian Pair Illavazhaki & G. Revathy. Whereas Sri Lanka Pairs Udeshika Kumari & A. D’souza and A. Wickramasinghe & Yasika Rahubauddhe were at 3rd and 4th plce respectively.

Major set back to India was the first time in Carrom history India lost Men Team Championship title against Sri Lanka. Followed by U.K. and Germany at 3rd & 4th places.

In Women Team Championship India retained the title defeating Sri Lanka in final. Whereas, France and Japan secured 3rd & 4th position respectively.

In the swiss league, Indian player M. Nataraj defeated his team mate Yogesh Pardesi in Final . D. Kubendra Babu was at third place when he defeated Nishant Fernado of Sri Lanka in playoff match.

Indian players R. Arokiaraj, R.M. Shankara, Sandeep Deorukhkar, Pakasjh Gaekwad and Jitendra Kale secured 5,6,15,16.and 26 poswition respectively. Whereas Women Players P. Nirmala wo was at 7 was top in Womens follwed by I. Illavazhaki at 11, Rashmi Kumari at 13, Kavita Somanchi at 19, Sangeeta Chandorkar at 20, G. Revathy at 21, Anuraju at 3-, and Anupama kedar at 37. All IndianWomen players i.e. 8 in numbers amongst the 1 to 11 of Women section.

Shri S. K. Sharma informed that it is alarming for India to prepare in better way for the next International. 24 Slams (19 whites & 5 black) in which European players from U. K. France and Japan had also secured white slam i.e. break to finish. This Championship was conducted under the Games Festivals by French Carrom Federation held at Cannes, France in which lakhs of people from all over the world visited and more over International Carrom Federation is in its 20th years..

(M. Sharan)

Asstt. Secretary 09871487834

Bio-Data of Indian Contingent


R.M. Shankara – Current World Champion and Two times World Champion and Ex- National Champion working in Indian Airlines at Bangalore participating as a Player in Men Team. If he wins he will set a new record of Winning World Championship third time.

R. Arokia Raj – World No. 2 in the 1st World Carrom Championship participating as a player in Men Team. He is employed in Central Bank of India at Chennai and player of Bank Sports Board.

M. Nataraj – Winner of 1st World Cup participating as player in Men Team. He is employed in India Airlines at Coimbatore.

Yogesh Pardesi – Current National Champion, Ex-Saarc Champion and Ex-World No. 2 participating as a player in Men Team. He is employed in Indian Oil Corporation, Pune and player of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board.

Sandeep Deorukhkar – Ex National Champion and Current SAARC Champion participate as a player in Swiss league of the Championship. He is employed in Oil & Natural Gass Commission, Mumbai and representing Petroleum Sports Promotion Board

D. Kubendra Babu – Ex- SAARC Champion & Winner of 2nd French Open Carrom Championship, will play in Swiss league of the Championship. D. Kubendra Babu who is son of great Carrom Player S. Dilli is working in Customs Department, Chennai.

Jitendra Kale – Jitendra Kale, working in Indian Audit & Accounts Department, Mumbai will play in Swiss League of the Championship.

Prakash Gaikwad : Prakash Gaikwad, working in Life Insurance Corporation of India will play in Swiss League pf the Championship.

Rashmi Kumari - Ex-World Champion and Winner of 1st World Cup & Ex-National Champion will participate as a player in Women Team. Rashmi is employed in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. at Patna (Bihar).

I. Illavazhaki – Winner of 2nd World Cup, Two times SAARC Champion and National Champion in currently concluded Senior National Championship will participate as a player in Women Team. She hails from a poor family at Chennai and youngest participants.

P. Nirmala – Ex-SAARC Champion, Ex- World No. 2 and 6 times National Champion will participate as a player in Women Team. She is employed in LIC of India at Mumbai.

G. Revathi – Ex-World Champion & Ex-National Champion will participate as a player in Women Team. She is employed in Indian Bank, Chennai.

Kavita Somanchi – Ex-Delhi Champion and employed in Reserve Bank of India at Bangslore Kavita Somanchi. Who is daughter of a Great Carrom player of India as well as Delhi will participate in Swiss League of the Championship.



Anuraju – Ex- World Champion and Ex- National Champion employed in the Office of Comptroller General of Defence Accounts at Chennai will participate in Swiss league of the Championship.

Sangeeta Chandorkar – Ex World No. 2 & Ex-National Champion and an employee of Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai will participate in Swiss league of the Championship.

Anupama Kedar – Ex-National Champion and Winner of 1st US Open Carrom Championship and honoured with Chatrapati Shivaji Award Anupama Kedar will participate in Swiss league of the Championship.

Shri S. S. Prasad, IAS - President, Haryana Carrom Association was Manager of Indian Men Team

Smt. Kamna Yadav = General Secretary Fridabad District Carrom Association accompanying was Manager of Indian Women Team.

Shri Bharat Bhushan - General Secretary, Bihar State Carrom Association and Vice President of All India Carrom Federation was Coach.

Shri S. K. Sharma - General Secretary, All India Carrom Federation, Secretary General International Carrom Federation was Championship Director

Shri Ratan Singh, IRS, - Vice President, International Carrom Federation participated in the meetings. Shri

Shri P. Raveendran – Asstt. General Secretary, All India Carrom Federation, General Secretary, Kerala State Carrom Association and Chairman Umpires Commission of ICF was Technical Director.

Shri V. D. Narayan - General Secretary, Delhi Carrom Association & International Umpire was Asstt. Chief Referee

Shri T. Dhiren Singh – General Secretary, All Manipur Carrom Association and International Umpire was Umpire.

Shri Vijay Kumar - General Secretary of Chhattisgarh & International Umpire was an Umpire

Shri S. Gupte – International Umpire from Gujarat was an Umpire

Shri Chandrasekhar – Internaitonal Umpire from Delhi was an Umpire

M. Sharan

Asstt. Secretary


The Sports Editor 

Result at a Glance

5thWorld Carrom Championship

Medal’s Tally


Position Name of the Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 India 6 5 4 15
2 Sri Lanka 1 2 1 4
3 United Kingdom 0 0 1 1
4 France 0 0 1 1
5 Germany 0 0 0 0
6 Japan 0 0 0 0
7 USA 0 0 0 0
8 Italy 0 0 0 0
9 Pakistan 0 0 0 0
10 Canada 0 0 0 0

Team Championship


Positions Men Women
Winner Sri Lanka India
Runner India Sri Lanka
3rd Place United Kingdom France
4th Place Germany Japan

Singles Event 


Position Men Women
Winner Yogesh Pardeshi (India) I. Illavazhaki (India)
Runner M. Nataraj (India) P. Nirmala (India)
3rd Place R. M. Shankara (India) Rashmi Kumari (India)
4th Place R. Arokiaraj (India) G. Revathi (India)
5th Place D. Nishant Fernando (Sri Lanka), Amitha Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)
6th Place Sumahar Ali (UK), Yashika Rahubuddhe (Sri Lanka),
7th Place Shake Challa (USA) Udeshika Kumari (Sri Lanka)
8th Place Nazrul Islam (UK) Elisa Martinelli (Italy).


Doubles Event 


Position Men Women

R.M. Shankara &

M. Nataraj (India)

Rashmi Kumari &

P. Nirmala (India)


Pair Chamil Cooray &

Nishant Fernando (Sri Lanka)

  1. Illavazhaki &
G. Revathy (India)
3rd Place

Yogesh Pardeshi &

R. Arokiaraj (India)

Udeshika Kumari &

A. D’souza (Sri Lanka)

4th Place

G. Goonewardena &

Viraj Fernando (Sri Lanka)

  1. Wickramasinghe &
Yasika Rahubauddhe (Sri Lanka)

Swiss League Krishan Sharma Championship (Result in Detail) 

Winner:      M. Nataraj,     India 
Runner-up:    Yogesh Pradeshi,    India 
3rd. :         Fernando, Nishantha,    Sri Lanka 
4th. :         Kubendra Babu,    India         Arokia Raj,        India 
6th. :        Shankara R.M.,    India 
7th.:         Nirmala P.,        India 
8th.:         Goonewardene Germain,    Sri Lanka 
9th.:         Challa Shekhar,    USA 
10th:         Abdin, Karnal,    U.K. 
11th:        I Iilavazhaki, India 
12th:        Cooray, Chamil,    Sri Lanka 
13th:         Kumari, Rashmi,    India 
14th         Dubois, Pierre,    France 
15.         Deourukhkar Sandeep, India    
16.         Gaikwad, Prakash    India 
17.         Rahubadda, Yasika  Sri Lanka 
18.         Fernando, Viraj    Sri Lanka 
19.         Somanchi, Kavita    India 
20.         Chandorkar, Sangeeta, Indian     
21.         Revathy, G.        India 
22.         Islam, Nazrul        U.K. 
23.         Scheuerl, Thomas    Germany 
24.         Collard, Steeve    France 
25.         Leau Jonathan    France 
26.         Kale, Jitender , India    
27.         Boecker, Peter    Germany 
28.         Abdus, Suja        U.K. 
29.         Pereira, Fabian    France 
30.         Anuraju, India     
31.         Cristiani, Gianluca    Italy 
32.         Mallishetti, Shreenivas    U.S.A 
33.         Khan, Amir        Pakistan 
34.         Polchow, Dirk    Germany         
35.        Katu, Neil        U.S.A 
36.        Karangutkar, Vishal    U.S.A 
37.        Kedar, Anupama    India 
38.         Ramoneda, Rodrigo    Italy  
39.         Matsubara, Toru    Japan 
40.         Cieply,Jeremy    France 
41.         Cianarella, Franck    France 
42.         Kumari Udeshika    Sri Lanka  
43.         Martinelli, Paulo    Italy 
44.         Sunahar Ali, Mohammed    U.K. 
45.         Motta, Claudio    Italy 
46.         Venou, Mouraly  
47.         Ubhayathunga, Amitha    Italy  
48.         Kumar, Ish        U.K.  
49.         Rodrigo Lal        Italy 
50.         Baldin, Sebastien     
51.         Wickremasinghe, Amitha    Sri Lanka 
52.         Zulfee, Murtaza Khan    Pakistan 
53.         Frauenrath, Ingo    Germany 
54.         Malik, Abdul        U.K. 
55.         Nessakh, Karim    France 
56.         Hussain, Nadir    Pakistan 
57.         Laumaille, Therese    France 
58.         Merkoulova, Katia    France 
59.         Verina, Verina    Germany 
60.         Martinelli, Elisa    Italy 
61.         Ali, Ramzan        Pakistan 
62.         Roumegous, Florence     France 
63.         Neuhauser, emilie    France 
64.         Katano, Hideki    Japan 
65.         Yaqoob Bapoo     
66.         De Souza, Assumption    Canada

Indian Women Players position in Swiss League

Rank in Position  Name of Indian Players

Women in Swiss League

1st  7th Place  P. Nirmala 

2nd  11th Place  I. Illavazhaki

3rd   13th Place  Rashmi Kumari

5th  19th Place  Kavita Somanchi

6th   20th Place  Sangeeta Chandorkar

7th   21st Place  G. Revathy (Women No.6)

9th   30th Place  Anuraju

11th   37th Place  Anupama Kedar


A warm reception was extended at IGI Airport, New Delhi in the leadership of Shri M. Sharan, Asstt. Secretary and members of one NGO Dalit Group.

The Team was given reception by Shri J.P. Agarwal, M.P., President, DPCC and Chairman, All India Carrom Federation in the parliament. Team was introduced by Mr. P. Raveendran, Asstt. General Secretary, All India Carrom Federation to Shri J. P. Agarwal. Then a lunch was hosted by Shri J. P. Agarwal.

After that on the request of Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal and thereafter follow up made by Shri Prabhjit Singh Bachher, General Secretary of Vidarbha Carrom Association through Shri Hanumant Rao Deshpande and Shri Ravindar Singh Jadhav, IAS, Personal Secretary to Hon’ble President of India, H.E. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Hon’ble President of India had a meeting with Indian Team on 21st Febrauary, 2008 and blessed the Indian Carrom Team on their victory. At that occasion, Shri Sarabjit Singh, President of All India Carrom Federation and World Carrom Champion (Women) I. Illavazhaki extended reception to Hon’ble President of India as she entered in the hall with bouquet. Shri J.P. Agarwal, had also shown his presence and presented a set of Carrom to Hon’ble President. Shri S. K. Sharma, General Secretary, introduiced the Indian Carrom Team to Hon’ble President of India and detailed in brief about carom and some difficulties in the promotion. The function ended with a Photo session with Hon’ble President of India. 

Before the visit to France Smt. Sonia Gandhi, M.P., President of Indian National Congress Party and Chairperson of UPA had sent a Message to the Indian Carrom Team which is appended below :


(We are waiting for the reports from other countries.  ICF-Meida Commission)


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