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4th Carrom World Cup


Maldives 13th to 17th September 2014

venue : Sun Island Resort

Participant countries:

Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea,Maldives, Pakistan, Poland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A.


Men's Singles (winnwers from India), Women's Singles (winners from India)

Men's Doubles (winners from India) Women's Doubles (winners from India)

Teams Championship: Winner India, 2nd, Sri Lanka, 3rd. Bangladesh

Women:  Winner India, 2nd. Sri Lanka 3rd. Maldives

Slams: 26 White, 2 Black

Mohd. Ghufran (India) 9 White slams

Srinivas (India) 5 White slams

Nishanta Fernando (Sri Lanka) 3 White, 1 Black slam

Riaz Karim Akbarali (India) 2 White slams

Chamil Coorey( Sri Lanka) 1 White slam, 1 Black slam

Pierre Dubois (France) 1 White slam

Mohamed Shaheed Hilmy (Sri Lanka) 1 White slam

V.Akash (India) 1 White slam

Hafiz-ur Rahman (Bangladesh) 1 White slam

Ahmad Hameed (Maldive) 1 White slam

Ms. Rashmi Kumari (India) 1 White slam



Silver Jubilee Celebrations of ICF


21st to23rd October 2013 in  Gurgaon/Delhi, India

Campion of Champions - International  Tournament

Musical Programme

Award Ceremony

Participants  are being selected  by all Carrom  Federations




6th World Carrom Championship

31st October to 4th November 2012


Sri Lanka



The results of the 6th World Carrom Championship hosted by the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka under the auspices of the International Carrom Federation from 31st October to 4th November 2012 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo, Sri Lanka, are as under:

Men Singles:


1. Nishanta Fernando ( Sri Lanka )

2. C. Bharathidasan ( India )

3. Yogesh Pardeshi ( India )

4. K. Srinivas ( India )

5. Prakash Gaikwad ( India )

6. Chamil Cooray ( Sri Lanka )

7. Hafizur Rahman ( Bangladesh )

8. Moniruzzaman ( Bangladesh )


Women Singles:

1. Rashmi Kumari ( India )

2. S. Ilavazhaki ( India )

3. Kavita Somanchi ( India )

4. M. Parimala Devi ( India )

5. Roshita Joseph ( Sri Lanka )

6. Yashika Rahubaddah ( Sri Lanka )

7. Madushika ( Sri Lanka )

8. Chalani Lakmali ( Sri Lanka )


Men Team


1st - India

2nd - Sri lanka
3rd - Bangladesh        


Women Team


1st - India

2nd - Sri Lanka

3rd - Maldives


Men Doubles

1st - Yogesh Pardeshi/ Prakash Gaikwad (India)

2nd - K. Srinivas/C. Bharathidasan (India)

3rd - Nishanta Fernando/Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka)

Women Doubles 


1st - Rashmi Km/S. Ilavazhaki

2nd - Madushika/Yashika Rahubaddah (Sri Lanka)

3rd - Chalani Lakmali/Roshita Joseph (Sri Lanka)


Swiss League


1st - Prakash Gaikwad ( India )

2nd - Nishanta Fernando (SL)

3rd - Yogesh Pardeshi ( India )


Nineteen slams were scored in the World Championship. Nishanta Fernando of Sri Lanka scored seven slams (5 white and 2 black). Bharathidasan of India scored 5 slams while Yogesh Pardeshi and Rashmi Kumari of India scored two slams each. Prakash Gaikwad (India), S. Ilavazhaki (India) and Senaratne (Sri Lanka) scored one slam each. 



6th ICF Cup Carrom Tournament

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
under the authority of ICF
 organised by
Malaysian Carrom Association
India snatched Teams World Championship title from Sri Lanka at the 6th ICF Cup at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
India beat in Men's Teams Event World Champion Sri Lanka by 3:0. Sri Lanka came second and Maldives on 3rd position.
While Pakistan fought hard to come on 4th place by beating Malaysia.
Also the Women's Teams title went to India, which like in men's event defeated all countried by 3:0 each.
During the matches Shariffuddin of Sri Lanka made a Black Slam, while Yogesh Pardeshi of India made a Whilte Slam.  
Earlier in the morning the 6th ICF Cup was inaugurated by Arif Naqvi, President of the International Carrom Federation.
Naqvi thanked on behalf of the ICF and players the Malaysian Carrom Association for hard and dedicated work to make the ICF Cup successful. He stressed on the great social values of the game of Carrom.
Mr. Balbir Singh president Malaysian Carrom Association thanked ICF and the players for their cooperation and informed that the Government of Malaysia has supported the ICF Cup.
A. Naqvi
ICF Media Commission


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